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ProcJam 2018 Entry

Simulate basic population genetics on fake creatures' DNA. Concepts of mutation, crossover, fitness distribution covered. 

Try it Out Here - https://barrettotte.github.io/ProcJam-2018/WebGL/index.html



  • This script will simulate a generation of "creatures" generation after generation. 
  •  Each creature has one allele in their "DNA" for color and is passed to offspring based on fundamentals of genetics (crossover, mutation). 
  • Depending on how close the creature's color allele is to the ideal allele, it is given a fitness value which affects its chances of reproducing with another creature. 


  • Initialize - Population N random DNA
  • Selection - Evaluate fitness, generate mating pool
  • Reproduction - Repeat N times, pick parents based on "weighted random" of mating rate 
  • Crossover - Combine DNA through some crossover method 
  • Mutation - Mutate child based on mutation rate 
  • Add child to new generation 
  • Discard old population 
  • Repeat 

Additional Process:

  •  A percentage of "Top" fitness organisms will asexually reproduce to keep their ideal DNA in the mating pool.
  • There is a small chance a random organism will asexually reproduce


builds.zip 20 MB

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